How to Add a Delegate

Adding your Delegates is a crucial step when first setting up your LifeLot account. 

In a medical emergency, a delegate will be able to securely access your Advance Care Plan or Will, and call upon other important documents when they're most needed. 

Step 1:

Click on MY ACCOUNT at the top right of your screen.

Click on my account at the top right of your screen

Step 2:

Scroll down and click on My Delegates or the + symbol. The My Delegates section will expand.

Scroll down  and click on My Delegates

Step 3:

Enter the details of your chosen delegate.

Enter details of your chosen delegate

Step 4:

Select the type of delegate from the drop down selector.

Select the type of delegate

Step 5:

Click SAVE. An invitation email will be sent to your chosen delegate. Once they've accepted the invitation to be your delegate, their status will update to Confirmed.


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It's simple to set up, free to try, and it can make a world of difference for your family if something happens to you.